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BOOKLET - The Jesuit Agenda View larger

BOOKLET - The Jesuit Agenda


BY: Editors at Lighthouse Trails

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Properties 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" | Printed, bound on high quality paper
Publisher Lighthouse Trails Publishing

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By on  20 Apr. 2020 (BOOKLET - The Jesuit Agenda) :

the jesuit agenda

this book explained who these people are and what their thinking is. very important information

By on  09 Oct. 2019 (BOOKLET - The Jesuit Agenda) :

Let's be discerning!

If you truly follow the history of the Jesuits, and its founder, Ignatius Loyola, you'll know how wicked they are . . . still today! They've infiltrated education to brainwash our children of all ages. This booklet was great, rich information. Thanks for your apologetic site! Louise White

By on  05 Oct. 2018 (BOOKLET - The Jesuit Agenda) :



By on  18 March 2018 (BOOKLET - The Jesuit Agenda) :

Astounding Jesuit Infiltration

This booklet will convince even the most skeptical Christian about the hard-line propaganda surreptitiously permeating almost every denomination in America today! The authors at Lighthouse Trails have done a careful and accurate presentation of fact after fact about the melding of Protestants and Catholicism, and have given the reader many buzz words to keep in mind when talking to Christians or reading articles about present day apostasy.

By on  15 Oct. 2017 (BOOKLET - The Jesuit Agenda) :

Spanish, sunday

Very good stuff. I will pass it to others christian. Thanks

By on  01 Jan. 2017 (BOOKLET - The Jesuit Agenda) :

The real ROOT of the antichrist agenda!

Christians need to wake up to the truth -- the real truth--- behind the evil agendas of this world. This booklet is an excellent resource exposing the Jesuits. We bought several to hand out to our church family.


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