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BOOKLET - A Potter Looks at Romans 9 -SECONDS View larger

BOOKLET - A Potter Looks at Romans 9 -SECONDS


By David Dombrowski

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Properties 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" | Printed, bound on high quality paper
Pages: 10

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Have you ever wondered why Jesus spoke in parables? Concerning the Messiah to come, the Old Testament indicated that He would open His mouth in parables. And throughout His ministry, Jesus used countless illustrations in His teachings. For some, He became a “stumbling block and a rock of offence” even as He shared spiritual truths with earthly illustrations. And I’ve pondered from time to time of both the positive impact to those who understood and the negative repercussions of those who took His statements the wrong way. As an ex-Roman Catholic, I am particularly concerned with how one takes His statement, “I am the bread of life” (John 6:35) because I understand now that His statement was spiritual and not physical. But, over the centuries, the Roman Catholic Church has tortured and executed many people over this very point.


By on  06 Sept. 2020 (BOOKLET - A Potter Looks at Romans 9 -SECONDS) :

Cynthia Wright

I really enjoyed this comparison of both the heresy of Roman Catholicism, and that of Calvinism, with regard to the LORD'S instruction, which was given to Jeremiah 18:1-12! In verses 6-12, of this passage, the Spirit of the LORD explains free will to the prophet: that He will cease to do evil to Israel, if they repent; but, they would receive evil, if they chose not to repent. Catholism adds the mystic beliefs of the bread and wine becoming the true blood and body of Christ, along with the worship and prayers to the saints, and indolences; while Calvinism suggests only certain individuals, who are supposedly selected by God ( predestination) can be saved. My KJV bible tells me that...
"whosoever believeth in him shall not perish, but have eternal life"
( John 3:16).
This isa very clear explanation of how both heresies are used to attack, and take out their victims!


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