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BOOKLET - False Revival Coming? - Holy Laughter or Strong Delusion? -SECONDS


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By on  30 Nov. 2020 (BOOKLET - False Revival Coming? - Holy Laughter or Strong Delusion? -SECONDS) :

Reveals The Dangers

I loved this explanation, by Warren B. Smith, concerning so- called holy laughter as it relates to the ( also) so- called revival, which the proponents of this movement also propogate.
The author appropriately cites this spiritual phenomenon, as trickling into charismatic and pentecostal circles through Rodney Howard- Browne, who was a South African evangelist, who experienced this false " anointing" of god. He has been quoted as giving god (whatever god he was speaking to) an ulltimatum: " Either you come down here and touch me, or I will come up there and touch you."
The author also describes how this practice, and the transferring of this "anointing" is identical to such practices of swammis, Indian gurus, New Agers, and Chinese " masters."
The author himself being delivered from these New Age practices, to serve the One True Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, reveals how this so- called, holy laughter is set in place through the Kundilini spirit.
My experience of using these techinques, of practicing transcedental meditation, and opening the seven chakras, as a witch, was also the use of this same Kundilini spirit. I also experienced a remarkable false joy, during that time.
But, God tells us not to practice witchcraft; because he loves our souls! The end result of this practice, before Satan was cast out of me, and I renounced the works of darkness, and received the Gospel of my Savior, Jesus Christ, was demon- possession, and being 100% separated from God!
Beware of this false teaching, and of the working of the Kundilini spirit.


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