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BOOKLET - 10 Scriptural Reasons Why Jesus Calling is a Dangerous Book-SECONDS View larger

BOOKLET - 10 Scriptural Reasons Why Jesus Calling is a Dangerous Book-SECONDS


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On November 12, 2015, Religion News Service posted an article titled “Jesus Calling and the Policing of Theology.”1 It was a quick response to an article that reformed pastor and popular blogger Tim Challies had posted just the day before.2 The author of the RNS article, Laura Turner (a regular contributor for Christianity Today’s “Her.meneutics” blog), used her superficial criticism of Sarah Young’s best-selling book, Jesus Calling, as a smokescreen to actually express her disapproval of people who were issuing serious warnings about Young’s book. In a strange stab at free speech, Turner stated that “theology policing is a job best left to the Holy Spirit, and then to people who we know.” But in her effort to undermine Young’s critics by redefining spiritual discernment as “theology policing,” she does the very thing she accuses others of doing. Her entire article is a thinly disguised attempt to “police” those who don’t agree with her own take on Jesus Calling. After minimizing and marginalizing most of the issues that have been raised about Jesus Calling, Turner concludes that Young’s book is “a net positive” and “has been a tool through which many people have gotten closer to God.”

In her obvious endeavor to whitewash the many problems found in Jesus Calling, Turner is especially upset with Tim Challies. She goes out of her way to single him out and take him to task for describing Jesus Calling as a “dangerous” book. But in her rush to isolate and discredit Challies, she overlooks the fact that he is not alone in coming to that conclusion. There are many of us who completely agree.


By on  24 Apr. 2018 (BOOKLET - 10 Scriptural Reasons Why Jesus Calling is a Dangerous Book-SECONDS) :

Must Reading!!

This expose by Warren B Smith is simply stated but accurate to the facts about a very deceptive book, Jesus Calling, as a sequel to God Calling, by mystic Sara Young. This is very deceptive in that the publisher of Jesus Calling has changed the original to make it 'more acceptable' to the Christian community. Beware! Poison!

By on  17 Dec. 2016 (BOOKLET - 10 Scriptural Reasons Why Jesus Calling is a Dangerous Book-SECONDS) :

10 Scriptural Reasons Why Jesus Calling is a Dangerous Book

I have heard Warren in person several times and know that Jesus Calling is a dangerous book as the title suggests. I took the time to read and make notes for myself with the points and the scripture references so that I would be better equipped to tell people that I come across exactly WHY it is dangerous. Writing it out for myself helps me to remember. Thank You Warren Smith.


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