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Pages: 160
Format Hardcover
Language English
Publisher Lighthouse Trails Publishing

Product Description

A young woman's search for truth leads to a courageous battle to save her children. 

Description: The true story of a young woman who discovers her children have become victims of child pornography. A compelling and hard-to-put-down book that takes the reader through a twenty-year period in the author's life. From her hitchhiking days in the seventies to being abandoned with four small children to raise, the story then takes a dramatic twist as she discovers what could potentially destroy her family. This crisis forces the young mother to go into hiding with her children to protect them. 

Author Bio: 
Catherine Brown is the author's pen name.

Table of Contents and Chapter One

Chapter Two

Customer Reviews:

Impacting Lives By: Kim

I wish to express my thanks to the author and her children who have opened their lives up to us. I would love for them to know that their book is impacting. In small ways resembles parts of my life, only in the extent that each life's story is unique. I have taken so many nuggets from the book, applying to my life, my children's lives, and the lives of those I get to minister God's love to; finding info helpful to all these areas. I am so thankful for her book. I appreciate you sharing that with them. Thank you!!

An Important Battle and She Won! By: book worm

I read this book in two days; I was glued and addicted! Thanks and kudos to the author, not only for her well-written and moving story, but for battling so strongly against that generational sin. Who'd have thought that an aimless hippie in her early days, would prove to be such a stellar warrior! Praise be to God....

A true story By: K. Patterson

This was an important story. It was hard to read because of the horrific nature of the abuse. I love to read testimonies about how the Lord changes peoples lives and how even if the circumstances of our lives seem unbearable, He never fails to holds us tight.

From fear to faith By: Jennifer Lawson

Laughter Calls Me totally inspired me. Once I began the book I could not stop reading it. I read it from cover to cover in one sitting. Catherine Brown's testimony of perseverance and endurance in a seemingly hopeless situation encouraged me greatly. There are so many things in this life to be afraid of, especially as a parent for your children. I was afraid of all the scary things that could happen to my kids, but after finishing Laughter Calls Me, I was encouraged to leave all my fears with the God who made us and loves us better than anyone. 

Laughter Calls Me is a testimony of the faithfulness of a great and mighty God and His ability to deliver from the clutches of the sickest of sins. Our loving Father carried and guided Catherine through the darkest of darkness. This testimony is even more proof that there is nothing too hard for the Lord. God can reach into the sickest sin and bring beauty from it. As you finish this book you will come away fearing nothing but rather you will stand in awe of the One who is able to save us from all sin - our own and the sin of others. 

Laughter Calls Me will change your perspective and it will fix your gaze on the glory of the Lord! Read this book and see what great things He has done. He longs to do great things in your life too!

Out of tragedies come blessings By: barbara wilhelm

The horrors of what Catherine went through would lead a reader to think that the impact of all this on the rest of her life would have surely been tragic. And except for the intervention of the Lord I am sure that would have been so. But intervene He did and it is so obvious that she have allowed the Lord to do a mighty work of healing in her life. Instead of bitterness flowing from this, there is love and a passion for the purity of truth. There is grace and mercy in what she does now. There is a Scripture in Psalms- Mercy and truth have met together; righteousness and peace have kissed each other. That is perfect healing. The Lord has healed her wounds and that is why there is now so much fruit in her life. Oil cannot be released from a jar unless the jar has been broken. Then the oil can flow and heal others. Catherine has told her story in all of its horrid details, sparing her reader nothing. She has been broken and she tells of it. But she has also been healed and that healing gives her readers hope and healing themselves. 

From Hippie to Heroine By: Gloria H. Phillips

The author writes well and quickly pulls the reader into the story. And a remarkable story it is. She easily could have died of an overdose while living the free-wheeling hippie life. But due to God's hand on her, her life was spared even when she was pursued by evil. Few have walked where she has in saving her children from their pedophile, pornographic father. She became a responsible, loving mother, devoted Christian and found a good life after her long circuitous searching. Inspirational. Gives hope to any family who has a member they think is hopeless. This book is being studied by our daughter's church in Allentown. A magnificently inspiring testimony.


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