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Pages: 40
Language English
Publisher Lighthouse Trails Publishing

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By on  12 Nov. 2023 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :

Great Publication

The Journal is very informative. It has very up to date information that would be difficult to find ordinarily. I have followed up on many articles and comments and I've always found the Journal to be accurate. If you are looking for truth and only the truth, I would highly recommend
the Journal.

Kerry D. Keeling

By on  06 Nov. 2023 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :

Research Journal

As soon as I am done reading through the "Journal", I start looking up the date when next issue comes out. I am sure there is much prayer and wisdom with all your resources and with so much going on that isn't really biblical and/or godly, I really appreciate your attention to pointing out what is not right and keeping us on the right path with God's word.

By on  10 Oct. 2023 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :

Research Journal

Very good, well written, and informative. They are doctrinally sound. Backing up what they say with the Scripture. Well worth taking the time to read.

By on  01 Oct. 2023 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :

Renewing Research Journal again!

For years now, your informative Research Journal has helped me to keep tabs on the apostasy of the last days.

By on  20 June 2023 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :
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By on  30 May 2023 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :
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By on  16 March 2023 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :
The customer has rated the product but has not posted a review, or the review is pending moderation
By on  18 Feb. 2023 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :

Research Journal

As always, there is a lot of excellent reviews of different organizations, churches, and individuals that no one else dares mention.
I find it pertinent in this “age of deception”
to be made aware of who to keep my eyes on, as often, there seems to be a further spiral downward.
Discernment is so needed in these last days.
Thank you for doing all the research for us.

By on  19 Dec. 2022 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :

Focused and informative

My wife and I have been receiving lighthouse trails research for the past several years. We find the articles highly informative and timely. Truly, it is a watchman on the wall.

By on  05 Aug. 2022 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :

rennew sub to Research Journal

We look forward to another year of truth. Thank you & staff for alerting us to spiritual danger. We will share with others.

By on  17 July 2022 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :

Viewer for years

The Research Journal published by Lighthouse is very much appreciated. The articles are all relevant to what is going on in our world today and needed by the body of Christ. There is so much false doctrine as well as no doctrine being preached in many churches that we need as much information as we can get. Thank you c

By on  09 June 2022 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :

Research Journal

Need more discernment ministries like yours.

By on  06 June 2022 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :

Keeping up with the times

I really appreciate Lighthouse Trails on line and print journal. They keep me up to date on what Christians need to be aware of in these days of deception. The articles are very concise and informative. Information you just can’t find their research is superb. Thank you for your ministry and May God bless you for it.

By on  08 May 2022 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :

Great resource

Always appreciate the info in the journal - read every issue from cover to cover.

By on  18 Feb. 2022 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :

Research journal

Well researched, valuable information. In these last days we live in , it appears we need all the decernment we can get. Jesus said if it were possible , even the elect would be deceived. This journal helps me keep the right focus. Thank you all for your hard work,
Sincerely, Nora

By on  08 Nov. 2021 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :
The customer has rated the product but has not posted a review, or the review is pending moderation
By on  23 June 2021 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :

Research Journal

The Research Journal is an excellent source to keep one informed of the times we are living in. All of you who produce it do an awesome job. Thank you. I could not do without it. I'm constantly pointing people to Lighthouse Trails. God bless you!


By on  26 March 2021 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :

Lighthouse Trails Research Journal

I'm always very enlightened and blessed after reading the Journal. It's always filled with info. I would get no other way. So grateful for all the research and information contained in it. Thankyou for your quality work in putting it together.

By on  19 March 2021 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :

Timely and Relevant

I appreciate so much the time and effort that is spent on informing believers in Christ about the increasing Scriptural errors that are being taught as truth. We need to be very discerning in these last days and Lighthouse Trails is on the "cutting edge" of explaining false teaching and exhorting Christians to remain faithful to the inerrant, inspired Word of God.

By on  16 March 2021 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :

Research Journal

I look forward to each issue of your Journal. It is always informative and well researched and is a great tool for fighting against the growing apostasy in the Church today. Thank you for a great publication.

By on  07 Jan. 2021 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :

Lighthouse Research Journal

I thank God I have found a source I can trust to help with my discernment on spiritual matters . It has been a reliable source for me for many years.

By on  10 Dec. 2020 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :

Research Journal

So appreciavtive of this very imformative publication presenting truth. Passing this on to my pastor!

By on  06 July 2020 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :

OUR thoughts.

Lighthouse Trails has become more and more import to us, as the years go by.

How do they do it?

They are on top of every topic that affects our Spiritual lives and the Life of "THE Church", universal. They serve the Lord thru. Scripture and lead no one astray!

Absolutely, refreshing and ENLIGHTENIING. A light on the Sea of Chaos. Trust worthy Help, an anchor that holds for Christ.

By on  26 May 2020 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :

Great and Timely Magazine

I really appreciate the ministry of Lighthouse Trails. As we see the sin and deception around us abounding we need to be watchful not to be sucked into the end time devices of Satan to draw us away from our First Love. Keep up the good work!

By on  02 Apr. 2020 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :

A Light in the Darkness

I have read this publication for several years and have found it to be very helpful in my effort to be discerning in this sinful world. Keep up the good work!

By on  07 Nov. 2019 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :

Lighthouse Trails Research Journal Subscription

Always up to date information.

By on  22 Oct. 2019 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :

Always discerning!

Timely and up-to-date information helps me to stay alert and discerning in these end times.

By on  03 Oct. 2019 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :


I look forward to receiving this and usually read from cover to cover. Excellent information and discernment mostly unavailable anywhere else. Keeps us informed in areas we may not discern for ourselves. So helpful what with all that passes for Christianity today . Thank you LT!

By on  15 July 2019 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :

Excellent news and opinions on current trends and views today.

This journal is one of the most often that I find myself referring to all the time to know current trends and views of heretical views and questionable practices claiming to be 'christian' or if not, why we need to know where they stand. I have passed on written materials to friends because I know I can trust it.

By on  10 June 2019 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :

Research Journal

Excellent resource. My husband and I are thankful for your research and reporting. It has made us aware of what to look out for, and avoid deceptive teaching.

By on  12 March 2019 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :

Lighthouse research journal

Great, trustworthy ministry

By on  05 March 2019 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :

Thank you

Truly enjoy each magazine that I get in my subscription.
Thank you for your ministry and searching for truth.
Looking forward to receiving the next one!

By on  28 Feb. 2019 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :

Renewed my subscripture to Lighthouse Research Journal

I never meant to let my subscription expire, I find the research they do to be of great value to myself and to the Body of Christ and as long as they publish it I want to be on the receiving end of it. I feel that they prayerfully seek the Lord in the research they do, do they sometimes make a mistake in some things, maybe so, but who of us are perfect? I ask the Lord to bless them and the work they do, they are indeed a lighthouse in a very dark world.

By on  22 Dec. 2018 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :

Research Journal

The Journal keeps me up to date with the deception going on in the Church.

By on  24 Sept. 2018 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :

Lighthouse Trails Journal

The research and resources provided by the Journal are extremely valuable in this day and age of massive apostasy and deception within the "Christian Community." The articles within are all well documented and provide the readers with the armament necessary to combat the false teaching permeating the church. I highly recommend it to all serious Bible students and lovers of the Truth!

By on  03 Aug. 2018 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :


I read all of this journal as it is filled with information on the latest wanderings of the church into apostasy. It is all around us now as we are in the last days. The articles build faith and encourage one to keep on going on.

By on  30 May 2018 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :

Keeping Track in These Last Days

It is impossible to keep up with "every wind of doctrine" flooding the church today.
Lighthouse Trails Research Journal is such a vital resource in keeping us informed concerning errant doctrines and heresies that seem to crop up continually. This is one subscription that we won't be giving up.

By on  07 May 2018 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :

Thank you!

The only journal I trust to be faithful and true in discerning God's Word in the world around me.

By on  13 Feb. 2018 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :

Research Journal

I am in my 2nd year of reading the Journal. I have been very happy with the Journal, as well as all of your products I have purchased.

By on  01 Feb. 2018 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :

Research Journal

In this very sad day of deception, I am grateful to have a resource for truth based on the Scripture and not opinion. Ever since reading "A Time of Departing," which was a real eyeopener for sources of the promised deception, I have found many rich and informative articles on Thank you for your diligence in getting the truth out. saj

By on  20 Jan. 2018 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :

lighthouse trails research journal

We have been receiving the journal's for over a year now. Every issue is full of information you cannot find easily anywhere without a considerable time spent searching.. Thanks for keeping us up to date on the real issues so we know how to pray and especially with what church organizations with who we affiliate and support.

By on  01 Jan. 2018 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :

Research Journal

Provides an excellent summary of the year's Newsletters

By on  26 Dec. 2017 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :

Research Journal

I've been receiving The lighthouse Journal for several years now. I find it to be very informative for anyone that is actually interested in truth. Unfortunately there are many confessing believers that are being deceived by false teaching and aren't interested in truth.

By on  24 June 2017 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :

Why Subscribe?

If you could see the free Newsletters & Journals that I receive almost on a daily timeline & were aware of the 1000s of religious articles I have stored on a large hard drive from the Internet, you might ask, why would you "pay" for another Journal.

Well, here's the answer. Lighthouse Trails does their homework. It is always up to date on the attempts Satan is always trying to deceive the church & the world with.
I want to learn. I want to know what is happening so I can warn others & Lighthouse Trails enables me to do just that. If you love the truth & want to help others not to be deceived, you need up-to-date information. Lighthouse Trails provides that information.
Thank you LHT . . . May God bless you & provide your every need.

L. Brown

By on  19 May 2017 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :

Research Journal

I love your journal and all the research you do on our behalf. Thank you, I recommend it to everyone, having it online is also great for sharing the articles, I have both, thank you and God Bless!!

By on  27 Jan. 2017 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :

A website you can trust.

This means a great deal if you are looking for sound Bible doctrine, not the "New Age Rick Warren teachings."

Books that have sound doctrine.


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