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BOOKLET - D is for Deception


The Language of the "New" Christianity
BY: Kevin Reeves

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Properties 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" | Printed, bound on high quality paper
Publisher Lighthouse Trails Publishing

Product Description

A number of years ago, a book written by emerging-church leaders Brian McLaren and Leonard Sweet was released. The book was called A is for Abductive: the language of the emerging church. Going through the alphabet, the authors identified many terms they hoped would be picked up by the younger generation, thus creating a unique emerging spiritual atmosphere. They called it a “primer with a mission.”1 That mission that McLaren, Sweet, and other like-minded change agents embrace has been successful in bringing in a new kind of “Christianity,” which is not biblical Christianity but rather a “New” Christianity now permeating the halls of Christian colleges, seminaries, evangelical churches, small groups, ministries, and organizations. We have compiled in this booklet common terms and their basic meanings to help uncover the true meaning behind some of the deceptive language of the “New” Christianity (i.e., the New Spirituality).

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By on  31 July 2020 (BOOKLET - D is for Deception) :

D is for Deception

Very informative and well written

By on  05 March 2020 (BOOKLET - D is for Deception) :

D is for Deception

Great tool with lots of information.

By on  21 July 2019 (BOOKLET - D is for Deception) :

Must have!

We bought two dozen of these for giving away, very helpful in understanding the New Age words and phrases which have been brought in by false teachers. An eye opener!

By on  15 Oct. 2018 (BOOKLET - D is for Deception) :

D is for Deception

This is an excellent "dictionary" to help us be aware of what kind of deception is worming its way into our churches. I could easily recognize some of these terms as starting to appear in churches I've been a part of, all by well-intentioned pastors and leaders who didn't realize the true meanings. I bought two extra copies of the booklet to give to friends, as I think every Christian should be well-informed about the devices of the devil.

By on  28 Sept. 2018 (BOOKLET - D is for Deception) :

D is for Deception Booklet

Truly an excellent resource! My husband teaches a Bible study class at our church and has given out this booklet to help educate others in regards to false teaching and terminology being used in many churches. It is concise and well-written and can help introduce subjects that need discernment. Highly recommend this booklet!

By on  13 July 2018 (BOOKLET - D is for Deception) :

Great Booklet

Very informative. Easy read. A go to for New Age Terminology.

By on  04 Dec. 2017 (BOOKLET - D is for Deception) :

D is For Deception

This has become kind of a go-to booklet for many of us to carry in our purses. There is so much to try and keep straight re:false teaching, emergent, New Age, etc. Several times recently terms have come up that people have asked me about or that I have asked what they know about, and many of the items are listed in this booklet. One of the most recent for me was "Incarnational". I sensed immediately there was something off with it, but didn't KNOW a lot. My friend had her pamphlet with her, and showed me what was said. It made me research even further.

This pamphlet is a great way to quickly share with others questionable terms to further research.

By on  29 Nov. 2017 (BOOKLET - D is for Deception) :

D is for Deception

Easy to read and definitions of words were clear and to the point. Church members loved this booklet! The order was received very soon after ordering and packaged neatly. Thx!

By on  29 Nov. 2017 (BOOKLET - D is for Deception) :

D is for deception

This is a great booklet. I hope to give a copy to a friend of mine. She believes as I do. It will be wonderful way for her to inform her family. Thank you for all you do.

By on  11 Apr. 2017 (BOOKLET - D is for Deception) :

Must Read

Excellent description of terms used by false teachers. So many new terms being used today and sometimes they use the same words as true believers but mean something else. This little booklet should be on everyone's shelf to keep us from being led astray.

By on  30 March 2017 (BOOKLET - D is for Deception) :

D is for Deception

Helping us to be "wise as serpents..."

By on  17 Jan. 2017 (BOOKLET - D is for Deception) :

5 Stars

5 Stars

By on  03 Nov. 2016 (BOOKLET - D is for Deception) :


A must read. So very good and great information!


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