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Research Journal - Canada Subscription - 1 Year


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Each issue is 40 pages.

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Pages: 40
Language English
Publisher Lighthouse Trails Publishing


By on  15 May 2022 (Research Journal - Canada Subscription - 1 Year) :

Sprinkled with GOD's WORD and love

I very much enjoy my time with this journal. It really is sprinkled with GOD's WORD on every page. Most of that is in warning, and what parent or guardian does not teach and warn their loved ones of danger. That is what the lighthouse on the shore of the great waters does, it warns travelers of danger. I have to limit myself to viewing or reading one little part at a time, and then think about how it uses GOD's WORD, and what it points out to us in today's world for my life. I am content and time slips by when I read and ponder GOD's WORD, still having family to care for I have to limit my time in reading that I may take care of family business and care. Reading this paper is a break in busy days, and most enjoyable to learn the application of GOD's WORD in my life. Not all is applicable, as news articles from the secular world are listed as examples of what is wrong in our fallen world, but again, it is a great read. TB

By on  01 Dec. 2020 (Research Journal - Canada Subscription - 1 Year) :

Necessary for every christian

Excellent information

By on  29 Feb. 2020 (Research Journal - Canada Subscription - 1 Year) :

Well Done!

Excellent resource for researching the Truth! Keep up the good work.

By on  29 Apr. 2019 (Research Journal - Canada Subscription - 1 Year) :

Research Journal Subscription

A Fantastic magazine that every home should have to keep informed of the deception and what is going on in the Church today.

By on  22 Jan. 2017 (Research Journal - Canada Subscription - 1 Year) :


I love this journal. Most of the time my inbox is so packed full from messages and blogs from other Christian sites that I have to take a break from my PC just to save my eyes and neck! This journal gives me time to sit down and read from a paper journal that has actual pages!



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