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Product rated : BOOKLET -25 Difficulties That Hinder Full Assurance Very well written.

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BOOKLET - The Message "Bible" - A Breach of Truth View larger

BOOKLET - The Message "Bible" - A Breach of Truth


SPECIAL NOTE: We have been informed by the Canadian government that this booklet cannot be sent across the border into Canada. However, we were told that it is currently not illegal for Canadians to have possession of the booklet. Therefore, Canadian readers may call 866-295-4143, the number of our new Canadian distributor, to obtain copies of this and all Lighthouse Trails booklets and some LT books.

By John Lanagan

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Properties 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" | Printed, bound on high quality paper
Publisher Lighthouse Trails Publishing

Product Description

Can we just say it? Homosexuality is going to be the dividing line between the true church and the rising apostate church. And Eugene Peterson’s The Message is being used by those who want to avoid or deny the truth that homosexuality is a sin.

The Message flat out deletes homosexuality as sin from two key New Testament passages and gives a politically correct spin to a third (1 Corinthians 6:9-11, 1 Timothy 1:8-11, Romans 1:25-27).

For this reason, The Message and other ungodly imitations of the Bible will be increasingly promoted by those who practice a “form of godliness” (2 Timothy 3:1-5) that includes acceptance of homosexuality.

Preaching and teaching from The Message rather than the Bible also makes it easier for those who are unwilling, afraid, or just too tired to resist the politically correct juggernaut of homosexuality.

I have written to him the great things of my law, but they were counted as a strange thing. (Hosea 8:12)

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By on  15 March 2023 (BOOKLET - The Message "Bible" - A Breach of Truth) :

Message bible

I thank God for LHTrails ministry it has been a tremendous volume of vital doctrine I needed
To discern truth from error. All the items I have purchased will benefit family and friends
That the Lord will guide me to distribute,I'm very happy I found your ministry
Much gratitude and love
In Christ service,
Lorelei putnam

By on  25 Jan. 2022 (BOOKLET - The Message "Bible" - A Breach of Truth) :
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By on  02 March 2020 (BOOKLET - The Message "Bible" - A Breach of Truth) :

A Breach of Truth & Eugene Peterson's Mixed Message

Before I read the two booklets above, I didn't like The Message due to its inaccuracy. However, after reading these booklets, I realize how dangerous it is to be used in any way - except kindling. Our pastor had quoted from the Message, and I was able to use the booklet information to show him that by his quoting it, he might lead some in the congregation to begin using it. Both are excellent resources.

By on  11 Jan. 2020 (BOOKLET - The Message "Bible" - A Breach of Truth) :


the booklet was informative and very helpful

By on  20 Nov. 2018 (BOOKLET - The Message "Bible" - A Breach of Truth) :

Mrs D K

A useful booklet to give anyone who insists on using The Message despite warnings (I've met several!), or someone who has not researched and thought through the nature of The Message and is open to more information. While there is more wrong with The Message than this short booklet covers, it is a good overview of the wrong spirit corrupting The Message generally, and gives some detail too, and could either open someone for more discussion or prompt more research or even prevent someone from using The Message altogether. Useful also to get clear in your own mind what you can focus on when discussing The Message.

By on  28 March 2018 (BOOKLET - The Message "Bible" - A Breach of Truth) :

A Breach of Truth by John Lanagan

And excellent review of a Bible that should never have been written. Thank you for putting the truth out there so many can at least have the chance to learn what the Truth is. I personally don't see it as hate in any way. It's simply giving the truth a chance to be known.

By on  02 March 2018 (BOOKLET - The Message "Bible" - A Breach of Truth) :
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By on  12 Feb. 2018 (BOOKLET - The Message "Bible" - A Breach of Truth) :

Breach of Truth

Excellent; the pamphlet/synopsis provided me with a deeper understanding of the "Message" biblical paraphrase and in particular the thinking of its writer, Eugene Peterson. Thank you!

Steven L.Edwards
Thousand Palms, CA

By on  11 June 2017 (BOOKLET - The Message "Bible" - A Breach of Truth) :

A Breach of Truth

I gave these out in the church I was visiting because the pastor has been quoting from the "message'.

By on  16 June 2016 (BOOKLET - The Message "Bible" - A Breach of Truth) :

Share boldly.

Don't be afraid or nervous to share truth! Almost every one says, "I never knew" after receiving this booklet. Many hearts convicted with this resource.


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