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Sold Out (A True Story): Preserved for God's Purposes - in Torture, Trafficking, and Terror


By Gabriel Abraham Singbeh

A gripping, first-hand account of one young man’s experience as a victim of human trafficking in northern Africa and his miraculous escape.

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Pages: 140
Format Softbound

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Gabriel Abraham Singbeh

When Lighthouse Trails was sent a review copy of Sold Out by African-born (b. 1999) Gabriel Abraham Singbeh, we were deeply affected and moved by the book. After reaching out to some who knew him well (some who happened to be Lighthouse Trails readers) to learn more, we were very compelled to carry this book and make it available to our readers. It’s not just an incredible (and at times shocking) story, it also introduces us to a young Christian man who has suffered so much but is totally committed to serving the Lord with a special burden for today’s young people. Though Abraham is just 23 years old himself, he has gone through more than most will in their lifetimes; and yet what stands out in his story is not the story of someone who sees himself as a victim but rather as one who longs to be used of the Lord.

Excerpt: “The sun burnt our bodies and dust filled our eyes, nose, ears, and even mouth if you mistakenly opened it. During the day, the temperature ranged from 86 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. At night, it dropped below freezing and could be very windy. It takes the grace of God to survive here. Many do not make it to their destination alive. The human bones, skulls, and dead bodies that I saw lying in the desert was evidence of this. In fact, I saw two men shot because they would not comply with the driver. Their bodies were left behind in the desert too. Killing is something most of these Arabs consider a way to please Allah, their god, helping them earn their way to heaven. This brought more fear to me because it was my first time to see such a sight. I remember Elisha trying to cover my eyes with his hands so I could not see what was going on, but one of the rebels beat his head with the edge of his firearm. I became even more fearful. I thought, if this happened to those men, it might happen to me. I was the youngest in the car, and very weak. Elisha was deeply worried about me falling to the ground and being left to die. All I could think of was to hold onto my stick as instructed—and pray.”

For more information, visit Abraham's website:


By on  13 June 2023 (Sold Out (A True Story): Preserved for God's Purposes - in Torture, Trafficking, and Terror) :

Who saved a wretch like me!

Hi David and Deborah,
What an encouraging and inspiration journey Gabriel is on for Jesus.
I have added him to my prayer list and sent him an e-mail.
This truly is a most powerful story of enduring suffering, patience, hope, deliverance against the odd, compassion,
and total selfless commitment to our loving and faithful God.
How we need to hold each other up in whatever way the Lord leads.
My prayers are continually with you both,
Helen Adelaide, Australia

By on  06 June 2023 (Sold Out (A True Story): Preserved for God's Purposes - in Torture, Trafficking, and Terror) :
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By on  19 May 2023 (Sold Out (A True Story): Preserved for God's Purposes - in Torture, Trafficking, and Terror) :

Beautiful witness to God's love

It’s a contrast as stark as day and night. Hate and faith. Gabriel should be bitter and hate-filled; instead, he is full of godly love. The suffering he went through from the day he was born is overwhelming. The comfort he finds in Christ through every one of those trials is also overwhelming. That is what makes this book one everyone should read. The God he tried and found faithful in the darkest holes on earth. It’s hard to read but you will see God’s love and faithfulness. Our God is greater than the most lawless and His love is there for everyone no matter their current situation.
What struck me most forcefully, was the love Gabriel showed to everyone. His forgiveness of those that abandoned him, and his willingness to witness even to his persecutors are beautiful. He sees, and helps us see, the true need of our poor violent world.
Jane Albright has preserved Gabriel’s voice very well throughout her editing of his story. It has the quirks of a non-native English speaker and the vulnerability of personal emotions. That really left the reader feeling as if he was listening to a personal account.
Read it and remember. Remember God’s love. Remember the hurting in the church. Remember the comfort of the Word. Remember the lost. Remember our blessings. Remember the power of the Gospel. Let all that change you. Let all that motivate you to act.


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