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By Warren B. Smith

Evangelical—in, of, or according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the literal teachings of the Holy Bible.

Gullible—easily deceived.

Evangullible—easily deceived by teachings that contradict the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the literal teachings of the Holy Bible.

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Pages: 224
Format Softbound
Publisher Mountain Stream Press

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Over the last four decades, the unholy spirit and deceptive false teachings of a New Age/New Gospel have worked their way into an undiscerning and all-too-gullible church. Pastors and church leaders who years ago warned about New Age deception have hardly talked about it since. As a result, this New Gospel of the New Age is presently viewed by most believers as a long-ago past occurrence even as its overlapping terms, false teachings, and deceptive practices continue to creep into the church.

Thus, while many church leaders and pastors talk about the cultural challenges of the day and the need for revival, they say almost nothing about our Adversary’s spiritual schemes and devices. And while these same leaders write dramatic books and letters exhorting the church to be “courageous,” to “speak out,” and to “not be silenced,” they have been effectively silenced themselves when it comes to spiritual deception in the church. Instead of exposing spiritual evil, contending for the faith, and fighting the good fight, they often advocate, endorse, or turn a blind eye to the very things they should be confronting.


By on  08 Oct. 2023 (Evangullible) :


Excellent reprise of warrens life work in exposing new age corruption of Christianity. Start here if never read any of warrens books. Highly recommended

By on  06 May 2023 (Evangullible) :
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By on  02 May 2023 (Evangullible) :


This book needs to be given to every Church Pastor and Elder in the United states. Where is the discernment today in the church? And where is the fear of the Lord? I was more than delighted to see Warren B Smith recently wrote a new book. It is timely and urgently needed to be read by all Christians. The analogy of a snake shedding new skin is exactly what is going on

By on  14 Apr. 2023 (Evangullible) :

Short and power packed with insight

Evangullible is a great overview of what characterizes the leaven that has come into the church through New age spirituality in the LIE of the devil stating that we are all gods. Packed with clarity and understanding coming from an experience in the new age then becoming a faithful disciple of Christ, Warren b Smith has delivered a powerful warning to the church and to the world of the deception characterized in the Bible of the time of the end when false Christs will come preaching another Jesus. We aren't gods and God isn't in everything. Only believers in Christ have the holy Spirit within them. And are one spirit with God.

By on  27 March 2023 (Evangullible) :

Must read

This belongs on every Christians shelf (after reading it). We must not allowed ourselves to be deceived by all the false in the church!

By on  27 March 2023 (Evangullible) :

Ephesians 4:12 - Equipping the Saints!

This book touches just about every area of the new age! Whether witnessing to a person involved in the new age or sharing with a Christian brother or sister that has been led astray into it, 'Evangullible' should have you covered! Warren did an amazing job touching all of the major heresies in the new age and has equipped the church well!

What I appreciate about Warren is his use of the scripture throughout his books. He is truly a man of the Word!

Warren, thanks for being faithful to God's preserved Word and for truly equipping the saints for so many years!

By on  21 March 2023 (Evangullible) :

Excellent compilation of sources whereby ‘New Age’ has infiltrated the TrueChurch

As a longtime evangelical I have lived through the time when these influences were affecting me and my acquaintances
And family members. So very subtly but through constantly searching the Scriptures for the Truth, the Lord has us planted on a firm foundation. Praise God!

By on  17 March 2023 (Evangullible) :
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By on  16 March 2023 (Evangullible) :

Great book

As usual another great book. Delivered as promised.


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